Fee Structure

International Student Fee Structure

International Fee Structure 2020

Enrolment Process

How to Enrol as an International Student at FAHS - Feilding High School

Application Process

Firstly ensure that you have read all the following documents related to the enrolment process.

2020 Prospectus

2020 Academic Curriculum

2020 ICT Digital Citizenship Student Acceptable Use Policy

How to Enrol:

Please download and complete the following forms then e-mail these back to [email protected] 

2020 International Student Enrolment Form

2020 Blanket Consent for EOTC

2020 Homestay Application Form

1. Complete Application for Enrolment

    Complete the International Student Enrolment Form (Part One), the Tuition Agreement (Part Two) and the International Policies and

    Application for Homestay (Part Three). Only complete the Designated Caregiver Agreement (Part Four) if you are staying with a

    family friend.

    Complete the Homestay Student Profile Form also.

    You must include:

  • a copy of your passport
  • a copy of your most recent school report with a translation into English
  • a character and behavior recommendation from your school
  • a written statement on the enrolment form explaining why you want to study in NZ
2. Send Enrolment Forms
    Send your completed application for enrolment and homestay profile forms to our Assistant Principal for International Students, Mr Viles,
3. Offer of Place
     Your application will be considered. If you are successful you will be offered an Offer of Place at FAHS-Feilding High School.
     You will be sent:
  1. An offer of place
  2. An Acceptance of Place form
  3. An invoice for tuition and homestay fees
  4. An Authority to Act form
4. Payment of Fees
     To take up your place, fees should be paid directly into the school's bank account. Email back the Acceptance of Place and
     Authority to Act forms.
5. Offer of Place
      Once all documents have been confirmed and fees paid, you will be sent a Receipt of Fees..
6. Student Visa Application
     You will require the Receipt of Fees and Offer of Place for your student visa application. You can apply at your nearest New Zealand
     If you have any questions regarding this process or require assistance you can contact Mr Viles at any time.

Education Review Office Report

Feilding High School - 31/05/2017