Enrolment Process

Please print and complete the school enrolment form and attach copies of the relevant birth certificate/passport and/or visa. 

For Year 8 students enrolling for next year, return the completed forms to the main school office.

For students applying to enrol during the year, please phone the school office and ask to make an appointment regarding enrolment. 

When choosing options please be aware that there may have been changes to our options or that option classes may be full. 

2024 Year 9 Enrolment Deadline

Due to projected student enrolments for 2024, please be aware that we may have to enforce our enrolment scheme.

Enrolment applications will be received up until 4.00 PM on Friday 26 July 2024.

Out of zone enrolment applications may have to go through the formal Ministry of Education ballot process. Further information regarding our school zone can be found below

If advice is required to complete the enrolment application form, please telephone the school for assistance.

Confirmation of enrolment will be by email by 23 August 2024. Students enrolled for 2025 will receive a newsletter during Term 4 detailing procedures for the start of the 2025 school year.

Reference Documents

2025 School Prospectus

2025 ICT and Digital Citizenship

2025 Iwi Classifications

Enrolment Forms

2025 Enrolment Form

2025 Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

2025 Parent/Caregiver and Student Information 

Ashhurst Bus 2024 - Expressions of Interest 

Enrolment Zone

Starting from the point on the western coastline where the Rangitikei river mouth is located, and travelling anti-clockwise, the zone perimeter is defined as follows:

The coastline heading south until a point on the coast due west of the western end of Tangimoana Beach Rd. The zone perimeter continues along a line from this point, due east to the western end of Tangimoana Beach Road, and continues roughly east into Tangimoana Road, then through Campion Road, Rongotea Road and Longburn Rongotea Road, until the intersection with Aranui Road. The zone perimeter continues roughly north east into Aranui Road, but excludes the portion of Aranui Road west of the previous intersection.

Continuing along Aranui Road, the zone perimeter extends in a north easterly direction into Newbury Line, before turning toward the south east along Te Ngaio Road (at its intersection with Newbury Line), until the intersection with Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road. The zone perimeter then extends along Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road east of this intersection, into Campbell Road then Ashhurst Road. Te Ngaio Road south of the intersection with Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road, and Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road West of this intersection are excluded from the zone. Stoney Creek Road is also excluded from the zone.

The zone perimeter extends roughly east along Ashhurst Road, then roughly north through Watershed Road, until the intersection with Ulysses Road. The zone perimeter then extends roughly east along Ulysses Road until its intersection with Pohangina Road. The zone perimeter then extends along a line joining this intersection with the western end of Whariti Road, and follows along Whariti road to its most proximate point adjacent to Ruahine Forest Park.

The zone perimeter then extends toward the north along the western boundary of Ruahine Forest Park. The zone perimeter extends from a point on the western bound of Ruahine Forest Park most proximate to the eastern end of Renfrew Road, along a line joining this point to the roads end. The zone perimeter then follows a line along Te Parapara Road, into Rangiwahia Road, Mangamako Road (with Ruae Road also in zone) and into Otara Road, until a point where Otara Road is directly above the eastern bank of the Rangitikei River. The remainder of the zone perimeter then follows the Rangitikei River to its mouth at the coast.

The zone perimeter thus defined is a closed circuit encompassing the proposed home zone. The zone extends to the centre line of all named roads and rivers unless specifically stated otherwise, hence all areas outside the perimeter are considered out of zone.