School Council

Feilding High School’s founding Principal, L.J.Wild, started our School Council in 1922. His plan was that if students were given a “fairly full share” in the organisation and regulation of the school they would come to understand the necessity for “order and regulation “ in society.

Council has developed its role over the years but it still plays a leading role in the life of the school. Positions on Council are voted on by both students and staff, with the traditional roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer being essentially unchanged over the last 94 years. Meetings are run on strict business lines and recommendations are made to the Principal on a variety of issues. In addition, a key point of difference between our Council and those of other schools is the degree of financial responsibility involved: Council oversees a budget of some $30,000 and makes decisions as to how this money is spent by the huge range of sporting and cultural groups we are fortunate to have.

The 2016 School President and Vice President are Meg Goodman and Alex Snaddon.