The Technology Faculty is well resourced and we offer a wide range of subjects. Our courses cater for the needs of both academic and non-academic learners.

Subjects Taught

Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13
Digital TechnologyDigital TechnologyDigital TechnologyDigital TechnologyDigital Technology*
Food TechnologyFood Technology

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition
Food Technology*
Hospitality Catering

MetalMetalTechnology (Hard Materials)Automotive
Engineering (70cc bikes)
Engineering (70cc bikes and sidecars)

*Scholarship available

All of these subjects provide students with a range of opportunities to carry out practical activites which reinforce the theory work covered at each level.  These subjects lead to a wide range of possible careers.

Digital Technology

Students will develop skills in computational thinking. Digital Technology focuses on problem solving and outcome creation in the following subject areas: Digital Media, Digital Information, Programming and Computer Science.

Food Technology

Students will develop and extend their nutritional knowledge and skill levels through a range of cooking techniques, a variety of food issues, meal planning, preparation and presentation of food. Product development is also included in this course.

Food and Nutrition

The focus in Food and Nutrition is for students to understand the factors that influence the well-being of individuals and families and what actions can be taken to enhance and sustain them.

Hospitality and Catering

In Year 11 and 12, students develop skills and knowledge to provide a foundation for work in the hospitality industry. The focus at Year 13 is industry standards for students who wish to pursue study in Hospitality at a tertiary level.

Graphics/Design and Visual Communication (DVC)

Graphics/DVC is a design brief based course that provides students with the opportunity to develop their design and visual communication skills. It includes the study and application of the design process, freehand and instrumental drawing techniques, modelling and presentation skills. The students complete projects in areas of spatial, product and media design.

Metal and Wood Technology

Students will develop their technological practice and knowledge. This will be done by problem solving, applying a design process and using practical engineering and woodworking skills to make a solution to the given tasks.


This course is run by Competenz and work can be credited towards the national Tools for Work programme. Students use engineering processes to design and make approved projects. An achievement standard programme is offered at Year 13 for those students who wish to pursue Engineering at a tertiary level.


A theory based course with some practical experience in a Palmerston North workshop.


This course is run via BCATS and caters for students who are interested in building trade training programmes.


The aim of this course is to develop students practical construction techniques. The course includes components of design, development, mock-up and prototype. Students will use a range of different techniques and will gain knowledge of practical pattern making and construction.


  • Motorbikes and sidecars - competiting and winning the national inter-school competition at Manfeild for the past eight years.
  • Evento - a wearable art extravaganza held annually at Manfeild.
  • Winning the BCITO Build-Ability Challenge in 2014 with a wooden 1964 Mustang Convertible sandpit. The finished product was donated to Little Arc Pre-school in Feilding.
  • Guitar making club - an afterschool activity
  • Year 13 Hospitality and Catering students successfully catering a buffet meal and plated desserts for as many as 75 people attending the school production, over three consecutive nights.
  • The planting of community fruit trees by Year 13 Food and Nutrition classes.
  • Working with real clients in Food Technology to produce a marketable food product.
  • Our senior Building students are well represented in woodwork and furniture making competitions.

MiniMoto Championship

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