Social Science

The Social Science Faculty is made up of six subjects: Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Tourism, and Social Studies.  All subject areas are well resourced, and our experienced staff have a dynamic approach to teaching a wide range of courses.

Faculty Leader: Dave Boyack


Social Studies

Social studies is a compulsory subject at Years 9 and 10 . Social Studies is also a U.E. approved subject at Level 3.

In the junior school the topics covered are Social Organisation, Continuity and Change, Place and Environment and the Economic World. We focus on developing Knowledge, Inquiry and Social Decision Making skills. We are endeavouring to extend the gifted and talented students in our Year 10 Social Studies classes.

In the senior school we achieve excellent NCEA results with a pass rate of over 80%. Geography is the most successful scholarship subject in the senior school with 34 awarded to students in the last 22 years since individual subject scholarships were introduced.


History starts in Year 9 at Feilding High School. The focus at this level is on telling the story of historical issues and events through a study of ancient civilisations and Medieval Europe. At Year 10 students learn about the Jewish Holocaust and delve into the world of history’s heroes and villains.

In the senior school there is a focus on research skills and the skills of resource interpretation. These skills are essential to becoming informed, critical thinkers and are built upon in subsequent year levels. The content studied is often controversial and is relevant to New Zealand students today. As a subject, history produces students who will be confident, connected, actively involved and life-long learners. Topics include major battles of World War II, the Israel-Palestine Crisis, the Cold War and New Zealand perspectives of the Vietnam War just to name a few.


In Geography we create and celebrate successful geographers. There is an emphasis on positive and innovative geography environments that support successful learning and achievement. At Level 1 there is a focus on developing essential geographic skills within the context of a natural event that creates a disaster. There is also a focus on cultural geography, understanding population characteristics and sustainability of resources.

At Level 2, geographic skills are essential in the interpretation of the Amazon Basin’s importance to the world’s ecosystem. Cultural geography is studied in the phenomenon of gangs in Chicago and we examine the reasons for gaps in development between the first and third worlds.

Level 3 Geography uses the synthesis of geographic skills. A large natural environment is interpreted with essential field work being carried out. There is also an emphasis on the concept of sustainability.

At all levels field work is an essential component of the course. The field is our laboratory and provides us with valuable primary data.

In the senior school we achieve excellent NCEA results with a pass rate of over 80%. Students have gained a significant level of success in Scholarship Geography.

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Commerce Department

In Commerce we offer Consumer Studies at Year 9 where we teach money management skills such as income, budgeting, saving  and investment.  At Year 10 we offer Business Studies, where students are introduced to the basic concepts of Economics and Accounting and the fundamentals of Business.

At senior level students can study Economics and Accounting, both of which are university approved subjects and have optional Scholarship exams.  We congratulate Nicholas Simmons on achieving an Economics Scholarship in 2015 and wish him well as he continues his studies. Students taking these subjects have many opportunities such as participating in NZ Business Week, Auckland University Economics Competition, Massey Commerce Day, and visiting the Reserve Bank, Parliament and Treasury. Students may also compete in the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Challenge. These opportunities are helpful for those aiming to achieve Excellence endorsement and Scholarship.  

We also offer a Semester course which is open to Year 12 and 13 students who want to improve their money management skills. This covers topics such as Income and Taxation, Budgeting, Banking and Kiwisaver.