Physical Education & Health

The Physical Education & Health Faculty comprises five subject areas: Junior Physical Education, Health, Sport Science, Recreation Physical Education and Outdoor Education.  We are well resourced and have a strong teaching staff who are well qualified, highly experienced and innovative.

Physical Education / Health & Sport Science

Physical Education and HealthHead of Faculty: Robert Jones

Physical Education is a compulsory subject in Years 9 and Year 10 and is widely chosen by our senior students.

In the junior school we teach a varied and interesting programme, with the content being carefully matched to the needs of students in particular classes. We focus on developing fundamental skills that are valuable across a range of physical activities. We also track and monitor physical fitness.

In the senior school we achieve excellent results in our NCEA classes.  

We will be continuing to offer our Scholarship Physical Education programme. In 2014 one of our students, Rose Coleman, gained an Outstanding Scholarship in Physical Education. In 2015 both Kelsi Hoggard and Ashlee Phillips gained Scholarship.