Why study maths?

Mathematics Feilding High School

Students need to develop number knowledge and skills which underpin a range of problem solving and logical thinking strategies. These strategies help students to address diverse situations they may come across throughout their everyday lives.

Maths helps students cope with everyday situations: budgeting, interpreting information in the media, understanding insurance and similar documents. In most jobs there is at least some maths involved.

Mathematics is compulsory to Year 11 and a necessary requirement for NCEA Level 1. All students wanting to further develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills should study Mathematics. Students intending university study may also require Calculus and / or Statistics at Level 3 to equip them for their university course of study.

University Entrance

All the Level 3 Mathematics courses are approved for University Entrance. Most university courses require at least a basic level of mathematical understanding; some courses have compulsory mathematics papers.

Mathematics Feilding High SchoolOpportunities

We encourage our best students to enter a range of Mathematics competitions, such as Mathex, Otago Maths, Australian Maths Competition.

Additional Support 

For students who require some extra help with maths subjects we offer tutorials every Tuesday after school and Thursday lunchtime.  Tutorials are provided for all levels of Mathematics. These are very popular and well attended by students wanting homework assistance and/or specific assessment assistance. We also use videos, powerpoints and recorded lessons.