Hostel and Medical Facilities

L J Wild House has several facilities to meet the needs of our student population.

Dormitories (Matatahi, School House and Rangitane), Dining Room and Kitchen

  • Cubicles and Dorms – individual and shared facilities
  • Bathroom Facilities – communal and private facilities
  • Lockers and Storage Facilities – luggage rooms and individual lockers

Telephone Room – located in Matatahi, School House and Rangitane

Prep Rooms and Computer Rooms

Hostel Library

Swimming Pool

Sporting Facilities


Don Chambers Lounge

Sky TV

Junior Boys Lounge

Senior Boys Kitchenette

Laundry Room



7.00am – 7.30am

Straight after lunch meal

5.00pm – 5.30pm

These hours are observed throughout the week.

At weekends the female duty staff member will attend to any student needs or emergencies that may arise.

Any weekend requirements will be put in place by Matron prior to the weekend. Students and staff members will liaise at breakfast each morning as sporting commitments often alter the structure of the day.

The clinic is located at 76 North Street, in between the Matron’s and the hostel staff accommodation at 78 North Street. There are two bedrooms and four beds, a locked dispensary and shower facilities in the clinic.

Students who exhibit signs of either potentially contagious illnesses or recurring symptoms are moved to the clinic for closer observation.



Medical care is arranged through the Hostel Doctor by our Matron. Contact will be made with parents when necessary; however parents should be aware that in the case of an emergency hostel staff may be called upon to make decisions for parents.

If parents wish to book and transport their child to a medical appointment, irrespective of school hours, they may do so, but should contact the Matron and Hostel Manager to arrange leave and update our medical records.


All medical and dental care can be organised by the Matron. Dental care is provided by the Mid Central Health Adolescent Mobile Dental Service, on site for five to six weeks per year.

For specialist visits and treatment the Matron will organise suitable times.

Medical Information (Blue Forms)

All parents and caregivers must submit a blue medical information form when enrolling a student at the L J Wild House. Any updates to a student’s medical condition must be submitted to the Matron or Hostel Management.