1. Why choose FAHS Feilding High School?

Feilding High School is one of the top academic, sporting and cultural co-educational high schools in New Zealand. Feilding High School is known and respected throughout New Zealand for the many programmes it runs to encourage students to succeed at their best. The school has academic results well above the national average, very strong sporting teams (NZ co-ed rugby boys and girls champions over the last few years) and a nationally recognised drama, music and wearable arts programme.

2. What is school like?

All students wear a uniform. Year 12 and 13 students have a senior uniform. Grooming and uniform are important and students are expected to be well behaved. There are five classes a day and students are encouraged to get involved in the many extra-curricular activities offered after school. The school has extensive playing fields and a friendly, pleasant school environment in spacious grounds.

3. What subjects can I do?

All international students will be tested on their language ability when they arrive. There are many different subjects available ( see the curriculum section ) and the Dean will help you choose the best subjects for you.

ESOL: All international students attend either junior or senior ESOL classes. There is a subject support class and tutorial groups in certain subjects. Teacher aides will give one to one support in some classes where needed.

4. Who will I work with?

The Assistant Principal for International Students will process all applications for a place at the school and work with agents. There are qualified ESOL teachers who will teach you in the ESOL classes and provide support in other subjects you take. A homestay coordinator will meet you on arrival and help you settle into your homestay. These are the key people who will support you while you are at Feilding High School.

5. Where can I live?

Feilding High school offers both private homestay accommodation and boarding accommodation in LJ Wild House. Boarding accommodation requires an application one year in advance. All students must live in either a homestay or the school hostel.

6. How will I know my progress?

Students will receive regular reports on their progress. These will be in Terms 1, 2 and 3.

7. How will the school help my child settle in?

The Assistant Principal, ESOL staff, the Homestay Coordinator and ESOL teacher aides will all help in providing orientation to school, the homestay family and the Feilding community.

8. How do I apply?

Use the international student application form to apply for a place at Feilding High School in the International section of this website.

9. When can I enter school?

The best time to enter school is at the end of January, which is the beginning of the New Zealand school year. However, we can accept applications at anytime during the year if required. Some subjects may not be available later in the year as classes could already be full.

10. What range of international students do you have at your school at present?

We have students from Thailand, Japan, China, the Philippines, Bhutan, India, Nepal, France, Germany and Switzerland.