Feilding High School offers a range of arts courses for students wanting a career in arts, those who enjoy arts, and those who want to increase their personal confidence.  All courses are a combination of practical and theory with the major emphasis being on the practical components of the Arts.

Arts courses for Year 9 run for one term, Year 10 for two terms, and Years 11, 12 and 13 as whole year options.

At junior levels we offer Art, Music and Drama as option subjects.

Our academic courses in the senior school include Art Painting, Art Design, Photography, Drama, Music and Performance Technology.

We have a strong staff who also have a significant input into extra-curricular activities. The faculty as a whole and Drama in particular is led by Karla Haronga. Danielle Grove is Head of Music and Dennis Pierce is Head of Visual Art.

In the senior school we achieve excellent results in all arts areas. In recent years we have gained at least one Scholarship whenever this qualification has been offered. Our music students are often sought after as performers in a variety of events and our technical production teams assist in many school and community activities.

We are especially proud that many of our past students are now forging successful careers in both the Performing and Visual Arts.